Why am I doing a Secret Launch?

The success of any book launch is determined, in part, by Amazon's algorithms. When a new book comes out, Amazon's algorithms decide which readers to recommend a title to based on other books they've bought in the past. If you buy mostly dystopian books, Amazon will recommend other dystopian books to you. And if it thinks a new book is a dystopian title, it will recommend it only to dystopian readers.

Since Contemporary Fantasy is a new genre for me, I don't want Aether Witch's first buyers to be readers who only buy Dystopian books, because this will confuse the algorithms and cause Amazon to recommend my book to the wrong readers.

What if I'm a Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic reader?

If you don't normally read Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Paranormal books (but you read everything I write), first of all — thank you!


Second, I humbly request that you sign up to receive the book via Patreon.

  • Patrons will receive the book 1 week BEFORE the secret launch.

  • Signing up on Patreon via Tarah Benner Labs is actually cheaper than buying the book on Amazon. Just sign up for one month at $3 and then cancel your subscription.

  • Patrons also get an exclusive bonus short story that you won't find anywhere else.

When is the official launch?

I plan to announce "Aether Witch" to my readers sometime in August.