About the Author

I'm an author and adventurer living in sunny Colorado with two dogs, one cat, and my partner in crime. 


I love stories with badass heroines, tormented heroes, and a dash of steamy romance. I love to put ordinary people in extraordinary situations and give them a chance to be the hero of their own story.

When I'm not overstaying my welcome at my local coffeeshop where I write, you might find me hiking, running, or sipping a gin and tonic. I'm a dog person and a cat person and an INFJ. I'm always down to talk about Harry Potter or Veronica Mars or the latest season of Outlander.

Incidentally, I adore getting emails from readers. They make me feel special and oh-so-famous. You can reach me anytime at tarahbenner@gmail.com.

Want to see photos of my dogs, my outdoor adventures, and other random things from my life? Stalk me on Instagram @authortarahbenner.